We were happy as Larry to continue our creative partnership with restaurateur Jonathan Barthelmess on the opening of his fourth restaurant, Yoko Dining in Brisbane. While we regularly produce and create imagery, video and copy for Yoko's website and social channels, the project that holds a special place in our hearts was our Yoko video teaser campaign - where we produced a series of tongue-in-cheek instructional videos on how to eat or make some traditional Japanese dishes and drinks. Yolk-yellow backdrop! Very cool Japanese speakers! Tonkatsu! All the best things one needs to launch a venue.

In 2019 we were also commissioned to travel to Japan to shoot a suite of original content for Yoko's channels, to illustrate the inspiration behind the restaurant. Our hunt unearthed Rockabillies in Yoyogi Park, tony izakayas and plenty of jazz bars. It was a dream brief, and allows Yoko's content to cut through the "we-found-this-on-Pinteret" vibe a lot of restaurants go for these days. We continue to manage and grow Yoko's channels on a daily basis.