Here’s the thing. Every single brand, if it wants to gain traction on social media or its website, needs a plan. As much as we’d all love to think that branded content is 100 per cent spontaneous, of-the-moment and real, the reality is that without some sort of framework, this is extremely hard to maintain and makes it difficult to measure what we all want - results. It’s like a ship setting out to sea without a map or destination.

Once you’ve worked out your brand values and the goals for your content (growing your audience? Selling a particular product? Pushing a certain message or agenda?), content pillars are the structure around which you’ll build your content plan. It helps to think of them as themes, and most solid content strategies have around four, with perhaps some further minor ones. For a bakery aiming to tell more people about its in-depth pastry program, one of your core content pillars could be intricacy and detail - showing all the layers of work that goes into your product. Close-up shots of your laminated croissant dough, say, the inside crumb shot of your perfect canelé, or the flour you stone-grind yourself each week, as examples. The posts in this pillar are pushing a certain message - that your product is high-quality and hand-crafted by experts who take the time to get things perfect. A winery, for instance, will have different pillars. One may be legacy, if it’s an older brand, and could tell the stories surrounding the history of the land, the people, and the winemaking family. These posts show authority, respect and experience.

Two important things to think about are - what messages are you trying to send and what goal do you have in mind. Once you have these, your pillars should come easy. After that, it’s all about balance. A solid content strategy balances the cadence of its content via each of its pillars, according to how they are prioritised. You might post about legacy just once per month, for instance, and food and wine matching once per week, depending on those goals you set beforehand, you clever, organised thing! Set a frequency chart per pillar, plan out the content over a month, and take the time to check it all feels as balanced as a well-made Martini on the first sip.

If this is all feeling too premeditated and inauthentic, that’s ok. On-the-fly posts are fully essential, but they should still fall under a theme, a pillar. If you find that your audience only responds to croissant cross-sections, make that its own pillar for the goal of audience growth, and run with it! Send us some croissants! Go nuts! Just have a plan.

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