Why is it that taking a sandwich to work for lunch is never a viable option? Answer: there is a 1000% chance it’ll get soggy-as, losing all integrity. Let us not even discuss the difficulty of finding a sandwich-optimised, public-transport, bottom-of-the-tote-ready vessel. Not easy. Switch to that work-from-home life and eating a sanga for lunch is well-and-truly back on the table, and we’re so glad. To help you assemble yours we’ve curated a list of our fave local producers, products and more that’ll take that sandwich from drab to fab.

The Outer Layer:
TOL is whatever you choose to cover your sandwich’s innards. I guess typically it’s bread, but it could be a white corn tortilla, or perhaps it’s a loaded focaccia on your lunch plate, we never judge. The main point is, it must be soft yet sturdy to hold the goodness within.

  • Ester’s malted woodfired sourdough
  • Cafe Paci potato and molasses bread
  • Iggy’s delivery
  • Pioik Bakery delivery
  • Marta Roman bakery
  • Cherry Moon General Store
  • Small Talk Coffee & Snacks baked goods
  • Rosa Cienfuegos Mexican Food Australia
  • Dairy/Creamy Bits:
    A good sandwich needs a little something rich in the middle. Maybe it’s a mayo, maybe it’s a healthy slab of Maffra cheddar, you do you. Make it OOZE. Ooze is often achieved by a rich element, people.

  • Cornersmith
  • Penny’s Cheese Shop
  • Pecora Dairy online
  • Two Providores
  • Firedoor's Fireshop (for that smoked butter)
  • The Middle:
    The choices are endless! Salad, crunchy, leafy, crisp, cheesy, pickley. Add preserves! Crunchy veggies! Small pickled fish! Ferments! So many options, so many opportunities to have a sandwich (e.g. breakfast, lunch, dinner, post-dinner). Add FLAVOUR.

  • Moonacres produce boxes
  • Dear Sainte Éloise produce boxes
  • Condimental
  • Continental Deli
  • Small’s Deli
  • Nicholson and Saville
  • Sift produce boxes
  • Six Penny produce boxes
  • Alimentaria
  • The Middle: meat stuff
    Sometimes your sandwich needs a little extra protein. We get it. Just don’t skimp on quality! Settle for nothing less than restaurant-quality meat on your sandwich!

  • Joto Fresh Fish
  • Nicolas Seafood
  • LP’s Quality Meats sausages
  • Vic’s Meat Direct
  • Victor Churchill
  • To serve
    It goes without saying, a sandwich is only as good as the tableware it’s eaten off or among. Well, not really, but looking at a lovely bunch of flowers or pinching your toasted cheese sanga off a hand-painted plate is surely going to elevate your experience by at least 23% (source: Buffet et al., 2020).

  • MyFlowerMan flowers
  • MiVioleta
  • InBED Store tableware
  • Maison Balzac
  • Alex & Trahanas
  • Other Very Good Options
    If, in the odd event you don’t feel like a sandwich, the below are stunning options.

  • Ragazzi pasta packs
  • Mr Niland at Home
  • Merivale delivery
  • Rock oysters delivered!
  • The Apollo Sydney
  • Cho Cho San
  • Nourish Sydney
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