Broadsheet asked us a few questions about how we came up with this fun little approach, and so... here are our answers.

Melbourne, find your matches here.

1. Tell me how you guys decided on which place for which star?
Astrology is no joke. Our #Snackstrology series was dreamt up by Buffet's graphic designer, Nathalie Rolando, and is based on a very precise, serious and important science in which we consult the stars to match the characteristics of each astrological sign in the zodiac with a classic Sydney dish that reflects those hallmarks. Aries, for instance, is a sign that can be fiery, but is also quite sweet, so naturally Firedoor's flaming Rum Baba, set alight table-side, was a natural choice, whereas the sign of Cancer - a deeply complex sign sometimes hidden under a soft exterior - was matched with Cho Cho San's steam pork katsu bun, which is actually quite finicky to make. Through our work with each venue we're lucky to have quite intimate knowledge of each dish, and so they came to us quite easily.

2. How accurate do you reckon it is?
Oh extremely. Everyone knows astrology readings are 100% accurate and must be taken as gospel at all times.

3. What was the motivation for it?
Aside from our work for restaurants and food brands, we like to have fun with food. We wanted to throw something thought provoking out there on a Friday, and we're so glad our audience has connected so quickly with it. Looking for where to take your beloved Scorpio on a date? Consult our guide. Melbourne, you're next.