No Adobe Suite? No problemo. We’ve pulled together some easy tips and tricks for Mac users that’ll have you a crop, skip and a jump away from being an editing pro. From how to remove the background of an image, to creating a sleek video for your socials, it's all in there. Don't have a Mac? All good! Head here for all the best apps you need for social media.

Firstly, let's get something straight, Preview isn't just an app to view images and pdfs. This is your gateway to cropping, overlaying and adding text – it even features Photoshop tools like the smart lasso (more on that below). Open your image, hit view > show markup toolbar and all your tools are revealed. Below we’ll take you through cropping, but this handy toolbar’s also got your back for tasks such as rotating images and adjusting exposure and shadow.

How to crop to a square or rectangle:

How to use the rectangle selection tool:
This bad boy is great for cropping down the size of a whole image into a square (hold down shift and drag) or smaller rectangle (don't hold the shift). Once the selection has been made CMD+K for an instant crop. This tool is extra handy for cropping images into a wider format – like for banners on eDMs or websites or Facebook cover photos.

How to crop to a circle or oval:

The elliptical selection tool works if circles are your thing. Just hold down shift while dragging your selection for a perfect circle, otherwise leave the shift behind and go free with an ellipse. To crop, make your selection then CMD+K for an instant crop.

How to crop a shape freehand:

The lasso selection is a little more adventurous and is something you’ll find on programs such as Photoshop. This allows you to crop around an image with a freehand tool. This requires a steady hand and good patience. The smart lasso: is similar to its lasso counterpart, but is a bit more forgiving with the accuracy of the selection. The thick red line will detect where the image is that you’re cropping and help you to select. This is great if you’re cropping an image that has a neutral background and defined lines.

How to remove the background on an image:

The magic wand (or instant alpha) is the perfect tool to remove a solid background from an image or logo. Just hold down on the area and move up and down to select the right amount. Once the section is all selected, press delete to remove it or CMD+K to crop it to the selection.

How to overlay a logo onto an image:

With any of the selection tools used above, you can end up with some simple shapes, logos or images. You can use these to overlay on each other to create fresh images/posters which will look like they’re made by a Photoshop pro. To add your logo as an overlay on an image, first make sure your logo has a transparent background (by using the magic wand tool: ), select the whole image, and copy it (cmd+c). Open up your background image and paste the logo onto this new file (cmd+p). From here you can resize the logo and place it wherever you want, creating a sleek image with logo overlay for all your socials.

Looking to add some movement to your socials? Below you’ll find two of our favourite moves on iMovie – they’re simple, clean and effective and will help you get the most out of the video content you’ve got on your phone. You can also add your scrolling credits or a surprise ‘spin in’ transition slide – but look, simple is also good and at most times preferred.

How to create a looping reverse video:

First, find your video, something with a clean defined movement works best, a steady hand on the camera helps too. Import it to your media library and drag it into the light grey area, this is where you’ll edit the clip. Click the video and drag in the ends to trim the clip. Copy (ctrl+c) and paste (ctrl+p) so you have the same clip twice. Highlight the second clip, then select the speed button (top right) and click to reverse the video. Now you have your boomerang-style clip! Select both clips, copy and paste to your desired length, export and save.

How to string multiple videos together to make one video:

Import the clips you want to use in your video and drag them into the light grey editing area. First, detach the audio from the clips as shown above. Then split the clips (select> right click > split) up to get the sections you want for the final video. Tip: keep each clip the same length to create a consistent rhythm in the final vid. Once you’ve got your clips together, you can rearrange them, change the speed of the videos and add some audio too. Export, save and happy (video editing) days! Look at you!

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