White Possum’s Naked Amaretto

Yes, yes, it’s true, we all need a drink. This sweet-as bottle is Australia’s only Aussie-made Amaretto. Distilled with Australian-grown bitter almonds – a by-product of the apricot industry, no less – spiced with a pinch of wild strawberry gum leaves and bottled in vessels sourced from local bars. Excellent stuff.


Ewyenper Atwatye Artists Linen Tea Towels

It’s not the first time we’ve waxed lyrical about these linen babes. Next time you’re adding a few to that bottom-kitchen-draw collection reach for these hand-silk-screened numbers the colour of oat milk, drawn by Ewyenper Atwatye artists from Alice Springs.


Somekind Press and Cartilage Local Recipe Journals

If COVID-19 was good for anything it was micro-publishing. Somekind Press and Cartilage released two of our favourite recipe zines from this year, each with an agenda of keeping businesses open and patrons proud. Catch us making A1’s Blue Swimmer Crab and XO Omelette over the break. 


Bee stuff! Honey Fingers’ online beekeeping class and Australian Stingless Bees, by John Klumpp

Beekeeping! Something we should all know more about / take up if we have the means! John Klumpp’s book is a guide to keeping native Australian bees. Their "honey" is called sugarbag and it's very yum. If (online) interaction is more your vibe try Honey Fingers’ beekeeping courses, delivered in a flexible, safe and responsive manner. If you’re in Melbourne, hands-in-hives, practical classes are also on the agenda.


Kakadu Plum Co. Spice Collection 

Really anything from Kakadu Plum Co., a social enterprise celebrating Indigenous culture and our traditional Australian foods, is a pantry game-changer. This quintet of wattleseed, lemon myrtle and Kakadu plum, anise myrtle, saltbush and pepperberry spices, however, will have you experimenting all holiday season long.


Heliograf’s Light Soy Light 

Say hello to the ultimate high-low gift. An award-winning sushi soy-inspired lamp, perfect for the bedside or izakaya. Both the pendant and lamp versions are made from hand-blown glass and for every light sold, Heliograf funds the removal of three kilos of ocean-bound plastic from the environment through cleanups and worldwide recycling programs. Stunning. 


Sailor’s Grave Brewing x Bruce Pascoe Dark Emu Dark Lager

What a collab! Orbost’s East Gippsland brewery, Sailor’s Grave, has teamed up with best-selling author Bruce Pascoe to brew this terribly unique dark larger, Dark Emu. Mamadyan ngalluk and burru ngalluk, Indigenous grass seeds native to the East Gippsland region, are harvested by the Yuin people on the Willagaruagh River, then roasted for the dark-roasted barley malt base. It’s a dry and complex bev, with roasty, earthy savoriness. Find us a more Australian beer.


Anything from The Standard Store, but definitely this ramen brooch

Our friends at our favourite local boutique, The Standard Store, were hit hard by the COVID-19 lockdown, so supporting this small business (right around the corner from Buffice) is a no-brainer. The team finds and curates garments and objects, made with love and care from all around the world, and brings them to us on Crown Street, Melbourne and their online store. 


Kua Coffee world positive coffee and happy days tee 

If coffee and a white tee is all you need, Kua has you covered. Their ethically-sourced, carbon neutral-delivered, compostable-packed coffee and organic hand-printed happy days tees is the simple necessity we all need rn. 


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Artwork by Gemma Plunkett.