Food brands, here’s a hot tip for free — publishing recipes on your socials, website or newsletter (or ideally, all of the above tied together in a considered strategy 😉 ) is an easy way to nudge audience engagement up the mountain path, encouraging those all-important saves and shares. There are a few reasons why this is the case:


Cooking is Universal, and Everyone Wants Ideas

We’ve all got a roundabout of things we cook on regular rotation. The mid-week dinner grind is real. Recipes as a content pillar across your channels are an easy, SEO-friendly way to capture the attention of people who love food and are regularly hunting for them online - people who could become your next customer. They may not be looking for your specific product (yet), but through your engaging, interesting recipes, will discover it by default.


Content With No Strings Attached

Whenever you’re asking people to follow you on social media, sign up to your database, or browse your website, it’s wise to give them something in return for doing so. Offering content that is engaging, useful and produced to entice is a low-pressure road into your brand’s world for a newbie. You’re not asking anything of them, you’re just showing them something cool, something you think they’ll like, that may just involve a product cameo. The more you give away for free — content that is engaging, useful and fun — the more a reader or customer is likely to return to your brand looking for more, and the more likely they are to eventually convert to a paying customer, share your posts, tell their friends, and become an advocate. The dream! Recipes combine all this into one neat package that works hard and looks good while doing it. 


Lagoon Dining's Spiced Lamb Ribs
Lagoon Dining's Pork and Cabbage Dumplings

Esoteric Product? Show Off How to Use It

You’ve spent ages crafting a product that is different to anything else out there. It’s perfect! You can describe it all you like in various enticing ways, but at the end of the day, you need to show its diversity in action. Take Coco Tribe for example, makers of excellent organic coconut yoghurt and ice creams. Their recipe blog is filled with ideas for their products that are on-brand and outside of what you may whip up day-today. Chocolate coconut yoghurt and tahini cake, for instance, or gochujang mushroom ssam with a zingy coconut yoghurt drizzle. Irresistible and good for you. Jimoto Foods is another client kicking goals in this space, expanding customers’ knowledge of how to use products like their incredible miso hot sauce (try it on spicy miso eggplant), or shiso-infused teriyaki (sticky pork kakuni, make it happen). For our friends at Archie Rose Distilling Co, every limited-edition spirit is released with a swathe of recipes that illustrate its best angles. If a product is unfamiliar and a customer is on the fence, credit card hovering but yet to commit, recipes can nudge them over the edge to purchase. Recipes walk the walk.

Ragazzi Pasta School
Archie Rose Bramble Fizz
Archie Rose Bramble Fizz

A Taste of Your Restaurant at Home

Customers dine out at your venue because they want to feel taken care of, they want to pay for someone else to do the cooking and the prep and the clearing away — they want to relax. But we’re assuming this isn’t possible every night, probably not even every week. The way to stick with them when they walk out the door? Recipes. Give them a peek behind the velvet curtain, a kitchen secret or two that is sacred and special. Especially during lockdown times when your restaurant may be closed. Choose your channel carefully — maybe try Reels on Instagram to game the algorithm, or if you’re looking to build your EDM audience, save them for that space to encourage sign ups. During lockdown à la 2020, we helped Ragazzi produce a series of recipe videos rolling through various pasta shapes, to help them keep in touch with their league of fans — and now? That Ragazzi gnocchi is the one pulled out at dinner parties all over town. Down in Melbourne, it was Lagoon Dining’s white pepper togarashi sprinkled over lamb ribs that won fans over, especially us up north in Sydney who couldn’t drop by, and their recipe Highlight is one we, and their regular customers, can return to over and over when we’re stuck for dinner inspiration.  


So, have we convinced you? If you’re stuck on the content front but have ideas in the kitchen, give your audience something they can keep, a thread from your brand that weaves seamlessly into their offline lives, something useful, memorable and free. Need a hand? We can help, recipe development is one of our favourite things. Email us to find out more.