Likes and comments. Likes and comments. Engagement! ENGAGEMENT. For those of us working in social media, we hear these words often when examining the performance of content. Likes and comments are still valuable, even though likes tallies are now hidden (more on that here) – they mean someone has considered your post and stopped for long enough to double tap on their way past, enter your competition, react with an emoji, or answer a question you posed, after all. However two other insights can be considered as possibly even more valuable to your brand. 



Saves are an interesting metric. No one but the algorithm can see that a post has been saved or by whom – saved collections are private. But by monitoring the number of saves on a particular piece and overall on your account, you can gauge your content’s value. By saving a post, you can assume that person wants to revisit that image, graphic or video later on, maybe to show a friend, look something up or take another action of some kind (ie. cook a recipe or buy that cool knife or tasty bottle of wine). Content that’s rich in information and offers the audience something to take away, will garner saves. Recipes, graphics that convey compelling information, how-to guides and pull-quotes that resonate are some examples. However, sometimes just very striking imagery can have this effect too, as users do tend to use their saved folder as Pinterest-esque style moodboards of inspiration, I know I do. Saves aren’t as likely to send a post viral as shares are (see below), but the algorithm does take notice, and the more saves your post clocks up, the more likely it’ll end up on Instagram’s discover page, and be surfaced in more news feeds.



Creating shareable content is where change can really happen, it’s how things go viral and how your profile will get noticed. If just 10 people share your post on their Instagram stories or feed, that extends the reach and visibility of it by a very large amount. It’s a bit of a snowball effect; the more shares something gets, the more likely it will pick up speed as more and more people jump on board. Content that’s most likely to be shared is topical and of-the-minute. Relatable meme content and Twitter humour, incredible imagery or video, trending reels, breaking news and announcements, competition posts and controversial or honest opinions are where the sweet spot is here, offered, as always, in your unique brand tone.


There’s no silver bullet to all of this. At the end of the scroll, the one thing that’ll grow your social presence is by creating content that’s original, compelling and cuts through. We can help.


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