There’s no denying the importance of Instagram Stories. They’re always there, right at the top of your feed, beckoning you closer with voyeuristic real-time updates from those you love, cherish and occasionally orbit. Stay tuned for more on the importance of Stories for your brand, but in the meantime, here’s something fun to try.

Introduced in April 2016, Stories have been a space for Instagram to test, innovate and expand – there’s been the addition of GIF stickers, the influencer-friendly question function and now, the ability to make every letter display a different shade. This is something we at Buffet affectionately refer to as Rainbow Text.

With the constant influx of new Instagram Stories, creating captivating and unique visuals has never been more critical to standing out on the platform and keeping your audience tapping through to the end of your content. Dynamic imagery and video content which communicate immediacy and authenticity is the first non-negotiable, but adding a little rainbow text, with all its technicolour ombré potential, is a surefire way to cut through the digital clutter. The only limit is your imagination (and the colour scheme provided).

Here’s how to nail it in four steps:

1. Type your text. Using the type tool, select your desired font, and write out your text.
2. Highlight your text. Tap a letter (or word) and you’ll be given the option to select part or all of the phrase. Hit select all and head to Step 3.
3. Open up the colour gradient. With your text highlighted, hold down your finger on one of the colours above the keyboard and a rainbow gradient will appear.
4. Create the rainbow. Time for a little finger gymnastics. Drag one finger along the gradient, while dragging your other finger along the text at the same time. Once you’ve created your desired colour scheme, carefully place the completed text on your photo and resize accordingly.

Some other handy tips:

1. Rainbow Text will work with any Story font. That being said, we find Strong the most effective (and fun!).
2. Experiment with placement, order and background colour. Try layering different gradients, adding solid backgrounds behind the text or different fonts within one Story.
3. Don’t limit yourself to the conventional rainbow! Warm or cool tones, pastels and greyscale colour schemes all translate well into text.

It takes a little bit of patience (and coordination) to get rainbow text right, but stick with it. You’ll be rewarded with graphics that look different to everyone else. Single-use colour is so 2018.

Show us your rainbow Instagram Stories! Tag and we’ll regram your colourful creations!

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Images from top left:
Dear Sainte Eloise, A1 Canteen
Archie Rose, Pure Pops
Mecca Coffee, Archie Rose