This V-Day, we're dialling UP the cheese by enlisting Penny Lawson of Penny's Cheese Shop to hunt down a fromage for every type of date. This edition of the Buffet Gift Guide is illustrated by none other than Anna Vu, a certified cheese lover and artist based in Berlin. You can find more of Anna's work at Good Food Crap Drawing.

Cheese is a great gift that can and should be shared with loved ones. It’s easy-peasy to put an outstanding cheese on a plate and leave it the hell alone. There’s no oven, no recipes and only a little washing up.

The most important point when choosing cheese for friends, lovers and furry friends is to take into account what they like/dislike. This is, after all, not about you.

In my role as cheesemonger I take great pleasure in sending the right cheese home with the right person in order to create memorable moments. However I should also let you know that, while there are some cheeses out there in the shape of a love heart, I do not stock them. Maybe I’m not quite cheesy enough… but I love cheese just as it is. Don’t let cheese be a gimmick. Keep it real and lush and most importantly, delicious.

A cheese for every sort of date, all available at Penny's Cheese Shop in Potts Point, Sydney:

First Date
Holy Goat, La Luna - Bring out the big guns with Australia’s Best Cheese (in my opinion), dressed to impress. This is big-statement cheese and the cheese all other cheeses will be judged on forevermore. It’s soft and oozy and goes perfectly with the reason we’re all here. Love.

Long-Term Love
Berry’s Creek Riverine Blue and Section 28 Primavera - We know each other, we don’t have a need for statement cheese. We also know what we like, so we should have something special to celebrate. A buffalo milk blue (exotic) and a raw milk cheese from South Australia covered in flowers (pretty).

Galentine's Day
L’Artisan, The Extravagant - Girls (and boys), don your elasticised pants, relax and get your mouth around this triple cream. Rich, buttery and finger-licking good - best shared with friends and bubbles.

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For the Brokenhearted
Gruyere, Cheddar, Raclette and a loaf of bread - Channel your emotion and anger (if you so desire) into grating these hard, bold cheeses. Dust off the Sunbeam sandwich-press and fill your bread slices inside and out with this trifecta. Grill until it’s all a molten mess of gooey cheese and relish the golden, carb-filled hug. If the situation is that you are dumping/breaking up with someone... well, you just don’t say that with cheese.

Best Mate Date
Caciocavallo Silano DOP - My best friend loves loves LOVES hard, fruity, spicy cheeses and this one is all three. I’ll bore her to tears with stories about how “this one time in London…” but I know she’ll have tuned me out, ’cos this cheese is so damn tasty.

Family Friendly
Jannei Buche Noir, Cashel Blue and Pyengana cheddar - A cracking selection sure to hit the right notes with anyone’s family. Fresh goat’s cheese, a buttery Irish blue and super delicious fruity Pyengana from Tassie. Serve with olives and fruit.

Travel Date
Are you taking this cheese on a plane to see a lover? Then it should be a hard cheese, they travel better. Maybe a taste of home? Those from Sydney should choose the raw Yarrawa from Pecora Dairy or just a good farmhouse cheddar.

Long-Distance Lover
For something stinky enough to be felt and smelt from across the seas, look no further than Epoisses - it’s a big boy aromatic washed in Marc de Bourgogne, meaty and delicious.

Completely Selfish Solo Date
Treat yo’ self - get that La Tur Robiola you’ve been eyeing off and enjoy it all to yourself. Lick the paper clean. It actually makes a mean instant pasta sauce... but it’s better straight from the container - with bread.

Secret Lover
Pecora Dairy Bloomy - A little quirky and intriguing, this ewe’s milk cheese, dusted with ash with a wrinkly rind should pique the interest of any secret lover. The name “Bloomy” might be a sign of things to come too.

A Date with Doggo
Parmigiano Reggiano Vacche Rossa, served with grissini - A stand-out hard cheese that has oodles of flavour served with crunchy treats to share with your shaggy friend. Nothing more delightful than a pooch crunching on a grissini.

Ridiculously Luxe
Brillat Savarin, Milawa Markwood and Roquefort, served with truffle honey - No expense spared with these three top-shelf cheeses that can span an evening. To add that special “something something”, serve with a touch of truffle honey. Spectacular.