It’s not often that I’m shook by beer. But today, fellow drinkers, shooketh I am. Here's the thing you should drop everything to go neck in the park, in the bath, or anywhere really while the weather's still warm.

This month has seen us work with Marrickville bottle shop Bucket Boys - a temple for all things brewed, fermented and distilled on Illawarra Road. We’re chipping away at a content plan to launch their first equity crowdfunding campaign, which will (fingers crossed) see them expand, delicious beers in hand, across our fine city.

Working together is a cozy excuse to mosey around the Bucket Boys fridges hunting for good stuff, which isn’t at all hard to find. I've formed a habit of asking co-founder Jonathan Hepner to recommend me something interesting, new and preferably sour. Most recently he pointed my outstretched hands towards a can of New Zealand-based Garage Project’s White Mischief, mumbling something about not letting the 2.9% ABV and copulating bunnies on the can phase me too much.

👏This 👏Beer 👏 Is 👏Gold! 👏

Let’s break down what it says on the label. White Mischief is a salted white peach kettle sour, which means it’s been soured quickly in stainless steel mash tuns rather than slowly in barrel as traditional sours usually are. It won't blow your head off with sourness, it's instead fresh on the nose and bright in colour, as well as packing that acid-drop hit which those who grew up sucking on Warheads will appreciate. White Mischief is all at once lip-puckering, sweet and savoury, with a floral juiciness thanks to the infusion of real, ripe peaches, picked at high summer. Made in a Gose style, it's savoury, but not in a way that tastes precisely "salty", the salt merely heightens the flavour of the fruit, providing a very drinkable background. Convinced yet? Cider fans, take note, you’ll like this one. It's also only 2.9% ABV, which means it's basically soft drink.

Fruit-infused beers are having a moment right now. You’ll find seasonal wild-fermented plum, cherry and apricot ales over at Wildflower, Yulli's Brews are making an incredible honeydew melon-infused sour called the Dolly Aldrin at the minute, while The Grifter’s Serpent’s Kiss Watermelon Pilsner has grown so popular it’s spawned a dedicated (albeit unofficial) fan page on Instagram. White Mischief is unmissable.

Bucket Boys are sold out at the moment (yikes, I literally drank all of it), but you can buy direct from Garage Project in NZ here.

A final note from me? Look closer, those bunnies are having fun all over the can. Sign up to the Buffet Newsletter for MORE from Lazy Susan and Here, Try This Thing.