All office workers have two things in common. We spend too much time on Slack (see our What’s For Dinner channel for evidence) and all agree that hummus is the perfect desk snack.

It seems the brains behind the messaging platform thought to take this one step further and have combined these two loves. They’ve produced a feature that allows you to switch your Slack notification sound from that little *tap tap* to a person saying “hummus”.

At first, I assumed this was the voice of a lady-bot, but it's actually a recording of Anna Pickard, Slack’s editorial director. Her colleagues loved the way she pronounced the word so much that they decided to add it for all of us to delight in.

As most of us continue to work from home, I recommend trying out this feature, which, if only for a short time, can provide light-hearted entertainment every time a workmate needs a task done, or sends you a funny meme.


Follow these steps to use the function in all its tahini-filled, garlic-scented glory:

Head to your profile picture > Preferences > Notifications > Sound & Appearance > Hummus!

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