If there was ever such a thing as the mug of all mugs, cup of all cups, vessel of all vessels, well, children, I’ve found it. It’s Hasami Porcelain’s ‘Block Mug’. It’s stunning, truly. They’re stunning I should say, because I bought six: in white, navy blue, brown, baby blue, grey and eggshell and if I have to pick a favourite, I will, it’s the eggshell one.

I discovered these bad boys earlier in the year when it came to my attention that Original Editions, a shop dedicated mostly to Japanese homewares had opened in Summer Hill, Sydney. As any large fan of Japan and its homewares would, I sleuthed around its website and was ~ immediately taken ~ with the Hasami mugs. They reminded me of my grandparents’ house. They’re angular, short and reek of 1970s tableware vibes, minus the heinous brown and orange pattern.

So, what’s Hasami Porcelain? It’s a porcelain brand that operates out of a small town in the Higashisonogi District, Nagasaki Prefecture in Japan – an area with a long history of porcelain making dating back hundreds of years. Where once having porcelain in the home was reserved for the upper classes, Hasami found a way to easily and quickly produce porcelain, making it available to errybody else below the 1%. It became so accessible that people were disposing of vessels after one use! Crazy, I know. Since 2010, however, Takuhiro Shinomoto of Tortoise (Venice, California) has been the lead designer for Hasami Porcelain. His designs integrate modernity and traditional techniques, all items are heat resistant, microwave and dishwasher safe and there’s no reason to throw your mugs into a river as they did in the Edo period.

One of the best quirks about all Hasami Porcelain pieces, including the Block Mug, is that they’re stackable which means they are easy to store, can double as lids for things and also make an excellent art installation, which, frankly, is why I bought them. Dat benchtop glam.

How do I like to use them? Well, I literally put anything in them – this is no single-function piece of crockery, my friend. I like mine for a little Negroni if all my glasses are in the wash, or I’m am having a dinner party and the glass variety of glasses has run dry. A Mecca decaf (my personal preference as I like my hot bevs sans caffeine) is always good in a Hasami mug if you’d like to use them for a more traditional purpose. They’re even good to eat yogurt from – it’s the perfect portion – hello to our new EDM client, Coco Tribe.

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