Confession: most of the books I read at the moment are recipe-focused. Ok, yes, they may be cookbooks. So when my eyes caught sight of this collection of illustrated recipe posters I was thrilled thrice over: I could stay on track exclusively reading recipes, nab a beautiful print and support a great cause. Illustrated and printed by Melbourne-based artist Gemma Leslie, these beautiful (and delicious) prints feature recipes from some of Australia’s best cooks, chefs and kitchens.

The prints drop in batches of four and the print shop is “open” for a bookmarked period while that specific batch is for sale. Edition one featured Melbourne-based cook Julia Busuttil Nishimura’s classic tiramisu, Clementine Day’s green vegetable and barley soup, a green bean and anchovy salad by Suzanne Corbett and chef Ellie Boudhadana’s pappardelle with prawn and zucchini. Drool. The second drop, featured on the shop ATM ‘til Feb 25, features four shiny new recipes from a handful of iconic Sydney and Melbourne venues.

Cumulus Inc’s Tuna Tartare by Gemma Leslie
Pidapipo's Strawberry Sorbetto by Gemma Leslie


First off the pass are the wood-fired pippis by Lennox Hastie in tones of orange and green. The Firedoor dish of native citrus and karkalla is vibrant, delicious and a handy alternative for saitiating the FD hunger while navigating the hefty wait list for the Surry Hills restaurant post-Chef’s Table debut

Keeping en trende with punchy colours and clean flavours is Cumulus Inc’s debut poster of Andrew McConnell’s classic tuna tartare with crushed peas. 

The recent drop also features two sweet recipes. One hails from Melbourne's Tonka. It’s chef Kay-Lene Tan’s subtly spiced, warm and creamy carrot cake-esqe halwa (an Indian semolina-based dessert) – both visually and ingredient-ly tasty. 

The fourth and final poster is Lisa Valmorbida of Pidapipó Gelateria’s strawberry sorbetto a palate cleansing, *chefs kiss* delight.  

Firedoor’s Pipis by Gemma Leslie
Tonka's Halwa Carrot Cake by Gemma Leslie

Now to the feel-good stuff. Not only are the posters a feast for the eyes, buying one helps feed those in need with the profits from every poster donated to FareShare. The national food charity saves surplus food from landfill and repurposes it to make nutritious (and free) meals for those doing it tough in Melbourne and Bris. One poster provides 70 meals (!) and that alone should be the deal sealer for upping your home aesthetics. Plus! If all that wasn’t enough to convince you, the posters are printed on paper made entirely from recycled coffee cups. It’s a win, win, WIN!!! 

Now, decisions, decisions. Do you adhere to your aesthetic or follow your taste buds? Either way, it's a bloody delicious and feel-good buy. A lunch-break panic buy saw the Buffice donating 630 meals with its collective purchase (we’ll leave you to work out the maths on that one) and I for one am still feeling pretty satisfied. 

Purchase Food for Everyone posters here.

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