Community management, the very important (and sometimes LOL) task that simply must, must, must be done right if your bar, restaurant, cafe, small business or brand is on the socials. So, what is it?

What IS "Community Management" anyway?
At Buffet we define community management as general moderation of the ongoing conversations happening on your channel - liking comments, responding to comments, responding to reviews, replying to DMs, liking tagged posts, and sharing tagged stories. It sounds like a lot but it’s important. Engage with your community every day – this is no once-a-week task. Community management also offers your brand another opportunity to show itself and connect. The real, authentic tone of voice of your brand should come through in your engagement, clear personality will build a stronger connection with your audience. The last thing you want is for your channels to seem as though an automatic robot has published your posts and that’s the end of it.

What results will it get me?
Active community management will generate real engagement results for your channels. On Instagram specifically it can increase your reach, up your engagement rate and expand your impressions – remember the more people engage, the more reach you’ll build, the more Instagram will push your content through its algorithm and the higher your chances will be of speaking to and getting a new customer in the door. Same goes for Facebook.

How do I do this thing?
Like those comments, respond to those comments, and start a conversation. Maybe someone tagged a mate in your post about closing your venue – respond to them with thanks and ask them to visit again when you reopen. Or perhaps they’ve commented on a post saying “DEVASTATING NEWS”, well then, get on your community management wagon and let them know you feel the same way. While responding to everyone is important, ensuring every response is tailored is also vital. This is not the time for blanketed responses to Every. Single. Comment. If you do, you’ll run the risk of throwing bot vibes.

CM in the time of Coronavirus
Given the current COVID-19 crisis, community management is more important than ever. This is a time to make clear, solid, loyal connections with your audience. Talk to them! Make it VERY clear what your business is doing at the moment. Let them support you. Keeping the dialogue open with your audience is key – this is not the time to go dark. Talk to them about what you're offering, what’s in the works for when you’re open at full capacity again, ask questions, do quizzes, respond to photos and stories they tag you in – you'll be surprised how interested they actually are! Keep the conversation going because it’s during (unprecedented) times like these that we need to band together.

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