Emojis! We love 'em and what’s not to love. They say a picture’s worth a thousand words...Well an emoji’s worth less than that, but they still have the power of intrigue and often leave one slightly confused. Fun, right?!

To use emojis on-the-go, messing about Googling “heart emoji” and copy and pasting into your document is unnecessary and well, incorrect. Follow these steps for a QUICK one way ticket to Emoji Land 🎟

For Mac users hold down control, command and spacebar
For PC hold down Microsoft+ and .
There you go, easy as 🥧

All the gear and still no idea? Not to worry, here’s our top tips on using emojis in your everyday.

1. Keep it on brand. Always.
2. Choose emojis right for your brand’s tone of voice. More on TOV here. Less is more. Unless your TOV is more is more, then go wild. But seriously if you're using more than one choose them wisely. You don’t want any accidental combos causing havoc for your brand (🍆+💦=😅)
3. Pop them in your email subject line for a little extra attention. Invoice overdue? Maybe a few 🚨🚨🚨🚨 will move your email to the top of the list.

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