2021 Jilly Wine Co. Drnks x P&V Chateau Cardboard Red 

“I just want a single weeknight wine without opening a fresh bottle.”  

Presenting, three whole litres of red, chilled, in a last-a-longtime cask. New collab from P&V and DRNKS.

Soft Edge Studio N*003 Sluggish Cup

“I want a drinking vessel that looks how I feel.”

Gift a sluggish porcelain mug for your sluggish-stylish friend, designed by Layla Cluer in Byron Bay.

Worktones Relax 'Relaxation' Socks

“The machine ate my last matching pair of socks.”

Stress not. Try these soothing lavender ‘masks’ for your world-weary feet, from the minds behind some of your favourite restaurants' uniforms and merch.

Home Made by Broadsheet

“I can no longer eat butter on toast for dinner three times a week.”

Here, try this Broadsheet recipe anthology from Melbourne’s best cooks, chefs and restaurants. Plus other useful kitchen tips.

Nicole Lawrence Tiny Shelf

“I have spent my life savings on nesting. Welp.”

A tiny yet generous gift on which to put one’s most-prized tiny possessions, from kitchen to bathroom. Designed and made in Melbourne.

Mabu Mabu Wattleseed Hot Chocolate

“In 2022 I am quitting coffee.”

A terrifying prospect. Swap it out for this Wattleseed Hot Chocolate from Indigenous-owned food outfit Mabu Mabu. Wattleseed and aniseed myrtle for a nutty-coffee affair.

Crying in H Mart by Michelle Zauner

“Needs more books to add to that big unread pile next to my bed.”The frontwoman of indie rock band Japanese Breakfast wrote a memoir and it’s GOOD. A food-filled page-turner that WILL get devoured over the summer break.

Holiday the Label Happy Hawaii Oven Mitt

“I want the Hawaiian dad shirt equivalent of an oven mitt.”

Specific, but dreams do come true with this 100% cotton drill glove. May inspire 90% more baking in 2022.

Quinby's Chilli Honey


It has been mentioned precisely 5,032 times in the Buffice this year. A spicy local Sydney honey for your sexy friend, infused with habanero. Join the cult.

D.S. & Durga Eau de Parfum

“Make me smell like an expensive mortar and pestle.”

Well, well, well. Turns out we’ve got just the eau de parfum for you. Coriander is giving spicy but cool. It’s giving Bottega green. It’s giving gender-neutral glam. Like a warm summer breeze.

Shy Talaga Spiky Soft Cushion

“I am a paradox, an enigma.”

It’s a barb! But it’s a cushion! Born out of lockdown, and handmade in Sydney from the finest satins, you can buy off the shelf or commission the colour of your dreams. Extra perk: free global shipping for the holidays. DM Shy Talaga to order.

Big Mood Killa Beez Bottled Cocktails

“Must BYO a big mood.”

Mezcal AND tequila. Habanero and yuzu. Something to gift, but also something to take to every dinner party over the holidays instead of wine. Pick up IRL at Native Drops, The Clock Hotel or Darlo Bar.

Hotluck Club Mushroom & Black Garlic XO

“One can never have too many condiments.”

Fact. This XO with Black Garlic and Mushroom is another lockdown boon by chef Gaspar Tse and it’s so so good. Also 100% vegan if that’s your friend’s speed.

The Food of Sichuan by Fuschia Dunlop

“In 2022, I’m going to master the food of one spicy region.”

This one’s a personal fave of our resident content editor and recipe developer, Gemma. Need another reason? It was voted as one of the greatest cookbooks OF ALL TIME by the Observer Food Monthly Awards.

Konro Hibachi Portable Barbeque

“A hot wet, alfresco summer for me please.”

Yes, it’s probably going to be a wet one but that shall not stop you realising your hibachi aspirations. Take it camping or set it in the middle of a candlelit table for a DIY long lunch.

Chotto Motto Magic Spicy Dust

“One can never have too many seasonings.”

Packed with chilli, hemp seed, tingly sancho and other tasty things, this shichimi powder is a 10/10 all-purpose seasoning for tacos, ramens, stir frys and then some. A very good adult stocking stuffer.

Flowerbed Nail Decals Drop 001

“I am not a nail person.” 

But you will be, once you get your hands around these Flowerbed nail decals. Featuring chillies, cherries and smileys, these tiny stickers take seconds to apply and last up to two weeks!

Single 0 Multichutes Mixed Coffee Box

“Need more brain juice, need it quick.”

You don’t have time to fiddle with filters and espresso machines. You’re a baby CEO! In which case, you’ll want the latest AM hack — parachute coffee ‘tea bags’ in a mix of the best blends going at Single O right now.

Sporty & Rich 'Eat more Veggies' Tote Bag

“Can’t talk, on the move 24/7.”

Gift this Sporty & Rich tote bag complete with an appropriately shouty daily affirmation. Large enough to fit all of your hard drives, laptops, chargers, planners and other tools for world domination. Or veggies, if you want.

Yiayia's Baklava Candle

“I live at my desk.”

So make it nice! Make it moody! Fragrances have been proven to shift mindsets and trigger focus. Personally, we are motivated by the things we want to eat, like this candle that smells like syrup soaked spices and crispy filo.

Jean Riley Blueberry Hoops

“I need jewels to match my power suit.”

Wear summer on your ears with these glass blueberry charms on 18k gold vermeil hoops. Handcrafted in Meanjin (Brisbane) & Gadigal (Sydney) by Jean Riley.

Niwaki Blue Steel Higonokami Folding Knife

“Channeling all-purpose efficiency à la Steve Jobs.”

This all-purpose pocket knife can be used for everything from opening parcels to cutting fruit. Blades forged by hand in the Hyōgo prefecture. Makes you 500 times cooler.

Uncommon Goods Box of Emotions

“Just to feel something.”

We can’t all be human machines of efficiency all of the time. Gift that hardworking friend a Box of Emotions to remind them that, yes, uncertainty can be a virtue as can love

Seltzer OK! Sparkling Margarita 4-pack

“Work hard, play hard, TGIF.”

NEW from CantinaOK! That tiny mezcal bar in Sydney’s CBD, aka the Baby CEO’s church. It’s light and sparkling. Made from mezcal, fresh fruit and natural ingredients only.

Eat a Peach by David Chang

“How do I be more like David Chang?”

Learn from the ultimate Baby CEO of food in his debut memoir. A penetrating window into restaurant life with all of the failures, successes and feelings of inadequacy that come with it.

Fruit Market Recipe Journal

“Searching for a wholesome side hustle.”

Been threatening to collect your family recipes for the last 500 years? Wait no longer. This recipe journal makes for a jazzier gift than a 2022 planner, which your Baby CEO friend probably already has.

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